Create your account

Choose Login on the menu, then click the Register button.

Just fill the form with your information and hit the Register button.

You will be automatically redirected to your Profile page where you can find all your last activities.

Why do I need an account

You can search and view other members build without the need of having an account.

But with an account you are able to save your build to share them with the community.

Create your first build

Choose Tool on the menu.

Scroll down and select the monster you would like to work with.

Click on a rune slot and start tuning your rune with the window below.

Tune each rune slot from 1 to 6 as you want.

Save your build

When you are done, click the button and enter a title for your build.

After this you will get your permalink.

Don't worry you don't need to remember this link, you can find your build on your Profile page

Edit your build

You can easily edit your build by changing the monster or by tuning the runes.

To save your change just click the button again.

Advanced editing

You can double click on the handle of a sub-stats slider to open a prompt and set a precise value.

You can see the total stat addition by hovering bonus stat.

You want to see if it's worth giving your runes to another monster during free rune removal event.

Just select another monster and compare the stats.

Add a build to your favorite

You can add any build to your favorite.

Open the build you want to add to your favorite and click the button.

All your favorites are listed on your Profile page.

Remove a build from your favorite

Open the build you want to remove from your favorite and click the button.

Like a build

You can like any build to make it being more seen.

Open the build you want to like and click the button.

All the build you liked are listed on your Profile page.

Unlike a build

Open the build you want to unlike and click the button.